Hodads Beware

Gene Brown - 1962

Introduction Cover About The Author Dedication
Pray For Surf Little Green Gremy Hood Parafin Wax Ad Motorized Surf Board
Robin Hodad Understanding Parents Jack And The Seaweed Stalk The Man Who Shot Hodad Valance
Surf's Up 1 Surfer For The FBI CinderSurfer Top Ten Surf Songs
Surf's Up 2 The Hustling Hodad Commercial Department Tourist Go Home
Unbustables Protection Agency Latest Surfing Accessories The Duz Board Russ' Web Site

Gene Brown was an incredible artist who remains one of my All-Time Favorite Surf Cartoon Artists.
A friend in Junior High School introduced me to his artwork by giving me a copy of "Hodads Beware."
Almost forty years later, I decided to scan the black-and-white copy and colorize each page.
Gene contacted me after I posted a few of his drawings online.
Gene asked me to colorize another book of his,
but he died before sending me his work.
Gene Brown - September 4, 1940 - March 12, 2011 - Age 70
Rest In Peace.

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