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Word Origin of "Trivia"

Ancient Rome was a center for world trade.
A common phrase is "All Roads Lead To Rome."

An enterprising business man decided to establish an inn
to the north of Rome where three roads converged before entering the city.
The innkeeper named his inn "Three Roads Inn".

Traders would come from all over
and stop at the inn for refreshments and food.

The common question among patrons was,
"How was your journey?"

The usual response was,
"I've been on the road for months.
Can we talk about anything but business."

Conversations at the inn were reduced to unimportant talk
and it was soon given the title of the inn itself.
Unimportant talk became known as "Three Roads" talk.

Latin was the language of ancient Rome which translates
"Three Roads" to "Tri Via" (trivia).

Amazing how the word "Trivia" is one of the best trivial words of all time!

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