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Sponsored Amateurs
Pros - 9
Ams - 26

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2021 Online Skateboard Video Competition


We had a total of 178 skaters sign up, which is 76 more than last year. There were so many skaters in the Amateur Division that we had to split it, creating an Amateur and Sponsored Ams Division.

The 2021 World Round-Up Online Showdown is broadcast July 11th to the 17th on the Braille Skateboarding YouTube Channel.

This contest ranked Freestyle Skateboarding Champions in seven categories.

  1. Pro Division - 28 skaters
    Sponsored by Henry Candioti SKATE4FUN and Skullcandy

  2. Masters Pro Division - 9 skaters
    Sponsored by Brits Renovations

  3. Masters Am Division - 26 skaters
    Sponsored by Auto Repairs R "Wee"

  4. Sponsored Am Division - 29 skaters
    Sponsored by Powell Peralta, CJ's Skatepark, and SBC Skateboard Magazine

  5. Amateur Division - 50 skaters
    Sponsored by THOR Media, Sunshine Valley Tashme Museum, and Sport Surrey

  6. Women's Division - 18 skaters
    Sponsored by Kenwood Floors

  7. Rookies Division - 18 skaters
    Sponsored by NU Dimensions

Skateboard Competition Sponsors

Live Broadcast Schedule

All Show Times Start At 2pm Pacific Standard Time
The following links are good only for the week of competition.
Use the "World Round-Up Youtube Channel" links listed below.
DAY 1 - July 11, Sunday
Rookies & Women
DAY 2 - July 12, Monday
Master Ams & Master Pros
DAY 3 - July 14, Wednesday
Non-Sponsored Amateurs
DAY 4 - July 15, Thursday
Sponsored Amateurs & Pros
DAY 5 - July 17, Saturday
Top Ten Sponsored Amateurs, Pros & Highlights
2020 World Round-Up Online Showdown
If you missed the action last year visit our Youtube Channel to view all five days of the contest.

Broadcast Commentators

Online Host - Mike Osterman

DAY 1 - July 11, Sunday
Rookies & Women
Mike Osterman & Andy Anderson - Canada

Photo by Jim Goodrich

FOCAL POINT- Meet Andy Anderson

For 25-year-old Andy Anderson of White Rock, BC, representing Canada at the 2020 SUMMER OLYMPICS is a dream come true. He has been skating since he was four years old and has a reputation as an innovator working freestyle tricks into the street and skatepark contests he enters.

When asked by CBC Sports, "What's your strategy going to the Olympics," Andy replied, "What am I there to do? Am I there to help skateboarding? Am I there to help spread creativity throughout skateboarding? That's what I see I'm there for. Or am I there to place the best and to try and beat everybody. I kinda wanna be there to help skateboarding more than I want to beat other people."

It's a real dilemma for Andy as there are only 20 skaters worldwide that will be competing in the Men's Park event in Japan. Of those 20, only 8 skaters will move on from the preliminaries heats to the finals that will be televised. So if Andy's goal is to help skateboarding through his run and to show creativity, he needs to beat everybody to make it to the finals that will be televised worldwide. Fortunately for all of us, all four preliminary heats will now be televised starting at 5 pm PST on Wednesday, August 4th, with the Finals being televised at 8:30 pm.

NOTE: Although this event actually takes place on Thursday, August 5th in Japan, starting at 9 am, because of the international dateline, it will be 5 pm on Wednesday the 4th that we here in BC will watch it live. We don't want anyone to miss this historical event as skateboarding is being introduced into the Olympics, so check your TV schedules in your area.

I know that Andy's family, friends, and fans want to wish him all the best this week, hoping that he gets his wish to show the world the creative side of skateboarding.

DAY 2 - July 12, Monday
Master Ams & Master Pros
Mike Osterman & AJ Kohn - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


DAY 3 - July 14, Wednesday
Non-Sponsored Amateurs
Mike Osterman & Dominique Pakingan - Cerritos, California

DAY 4 - July 15, Thursday
Sponsored Amateurs & Pros
Mike Osterman & Per Welinder


DAY 5 - July 17, Saturday
Top Ten Sponsored Amateurs, Pros & Highlights
Mike Osterman, Ricky Glaser (15th Place - Sponsored Amateurs) & Kevin Harris

Kevin Harris Biography

Contest Organizers

All Final Decisions Regarding Rules Will Be Made By
Monty Little & Terry Chui


Russ Howell
Albert Kuncz
Mic Muryama
Christian Heise
Rogerio Antigo
Kevin Harris

178 Contestants

28 Proís 79 Amateurs
9 Master Pros 26 Master Amateurs
18 Rookies 18 Women

27 Countries Represented

Isle of Man
United Kingdom
United States

Scoring Information

Judging Fairly

The Spirit Of Competition

The Man In The Arena


Belt Buckle


Video Links

Thanks to Terry Chui for the following Video Links
Read More About Terry Chui

Pro Division - 28 Skaters

Place Score Name Country Video Link
Place 286 Isamu Yamamoto Japan
Place 283 Yuzuki Kawasaki Japan
Place 275 Ikkei Nagao Japan
Place 271 Nick Beaulieu United States
Place 265 Yuta Fujii Japan
Place 264 Jotaro Oba Japan
Place 261/436 Turi Zoltan Hungary
Place 261/431Cristobal Bahamonde Chile
Place 261/431Jesse Whalen United States
Place 260 Reece Archibald Scotland
Place 256 Denham Hill United Kingdom
Place 255 Guenter Mokulys Germany
Place 249 Marius Constantin Romania
Place 247 Robert Wagner Germany
Place 245 Kaue Araujo Brazil
Place 243 Jari Paakkari Finland
Place 241 Stefan Lillis Akesson Sweden
Place 239 Sean Burke United States
Place 234/399 Mario Steinemann Switzerland
Place 234/393 Josh Dunstone Australia
Place 233 John Hanson United Kingdom
Place 229 John Sawyer United States
Place 227 Marcio Torres Francisco Brazil
Place 225 Sto Strauss United States
Place 221 Michael Shane Sterling United States
Place 220 Chris Castle United States
Place 212 Lance Lynn United States
Place 200 Alexandre Feliz Chile
      NOTE: A Tie For 8th Place Resulted In Only 27 Placings Showing.

Sponsored Amateur Division - 50 Skaters

Amateur Division
Sponsored Amateur Division - 29 Non-Sponsored Amateur Division - 50

Sponsored Amateur Division - 29 Skaters       Braille Graphic

Place Score Name Country Video Link
Place 277 Charles Ribeiro do Nascimento Brazil
Place 273 Vinicius Dantas da Costa Brazil
Place 272 Lainunkima "Kima" Ralte India
Place 263 Daniel Popescu Romania
Place 262 Kouta Sawaki Japan
Place 261 Ismael Perez Spain
Place 260 Ruka Mitsui Japan
Place 258 Alexandru Lilea Romania
Place 257 Kanata Hayakawa Japan
Place 257 Takaya Sato Japan
Place 256 Shotaro Oba Japan
Place 251 Tobias Bamacher Austria
Place 249 Stirbu Alexandru-Valentin Romania
Place 241 Lucas Kwait United States
Place 228 Ricky Glaser United States
Place 226 Jordan Sterling Canada
Place 225 Daniel Ryu Yoshio Brazil
Place 222/373Daniel Aubrey Australia
Place 222/367Collin McKusick United States
Place 222/352Peter Bordas Ireland
Place 221 Michael Veness United Kingdom
Place 220 Vaughn Johnson United States
Place 219 Phil Gosch Austria
Place 217 Alan Hiom United Kingdom
Place 211 Rohan Cowley Australia
Place 208 Cater Brazil
Place 196 Phil Larin Canada
Place 193/323 Max Goss United States
Place 193/313 Tom Preszcator Canada

Non-Sponsored Amateur Division - 50 Skaters

Place Score Name Country Video Link
Place 268 Bryce Carey Noe United States
Place 266 Luis Vallely Mexico
Place 265 Harry Fisher United Kingdom
Place 264 Gustavo Santana "Kennedy" Brazil
Place 251 Steffen Zauner Germany
Place 250/418 Andrei Novelli Vasile Romania
Place 250/417 Liu Weihong China
Place 246.5 Danny Kiahold Germany
Place 244.5 Kumataka Rikuo Japan
Place 244/406 Juan Enrique de la Torre Spain
Place 244/406 Tonino Candela Switzerland
Place 242 Erwin "shuvit" Schuijtvlot Netherlands
Place 239/401 Alexandru Soare Romania
Place 239/399 Peter Andersson Sweden
Place 239/398 Avery James Hall United States
Place 236 Kevin Wessels Netherlands
Place 235.5 Bernhard (Burns) Lorenzen Germany
Place 235 Craig Lees Scotland
Place 233.5 Michael Burczyk France
Place 231 Aidan Beckstead United States
Place 230 Nick Angeloni United States
Place 229/379 Alex Foster United Kingdom
Place 229/370.5 Daniel Ryan Jones United States
Place 227.5 Hooligan Sadikson Scotland
Place 227 Joey Joerger United States
Place 225/370 David Faber Canada
Place 225/365 Casey Smith Canada
Place 224.5/373.5 Alec Jones Canada
Place 224.5/364.5 Patrick Thies Germany
Place 223 Jonath Leon Mexico
Place 221.5 Jonah Rose United States
Place 219 Donnacha McPherson Ireland
Place 218.5 Douglas Santiago Valvassori Brazil
Place 216 Lui Bonetti Justo Brazil
Place 215.5 Flynn Baird Australia
Place 215 Matteo Dumitrache Romania
Place 214.5 Saso Hrastnik Slovenia
Place 214 Azzam Syafiq Malaysia
Place 213.5 Mark Robb United Kingdom
Place 212 Jack Tolmachoff United States
Place 210.5 Taylor Myers United States
Place 206.5 Nazmi Mizal Malaysia
Place 205.5 Jamie Spence Scotland
Place 205 Erik Fallat Canada
Place 201.5 Fabio Ferreira de Araujo Brazil
Place 201 Danial Hadeif Malaysia
Place 196 Andres Caceres Coronel Peru
Place 188.5 Andrew Steger United States
Place 184.5 Phillip Wingett United States
Place 182 Nissania Trujillo United States

      NOTE: A Tie For 10th Place Resulted In Only 49 Placings Showing.

Masters Pro Division - 9 Skaters

Place Score Name Country Video Link
Place 284 Masahiro Fujii Japan
Place 270 Rogerio Antigo Brazil
Place 261 Hidemi Oishi Japan
Place 259 Byron Lawrance United Kingdom
Place 252 Bill Robertson United States
Place 251 Joachim YoYo Schulz Germany
Place 241 Alexandre Mendes De Andrade Brazil
Place 237 Bert Mathieson United States
Place 236 Paulo Rosin Citrangulo Brazil

Masters Amateur Division - 26 Skaters

Place Score Name Country Video Link
Place 263 Andre Luis Feitosa do Nascimento Brazil
Place 256 Tetsuji Noda Japan
Place 255 David Guy Edmond Bossez France
Place 253 Daisuke Murakawa Japan
Place 251 Eric Schader Sweden
Place 246 Limsun Hong South Korea
Place 240 Matthew Sloan Stewart United States
Place 240 Alex Pereira da Silva Brazil
Place 236 Ivan Garcia del Castillo Spain
Place 236 Paul Brunninkhuis Netherlands
Place 235 Nate Calkins United States
Place 231 Ricky J. Rodriguez United States
Place 231 Mei-Lwun Yee United States
Place 231 Joe Heaton United Kingdom
Place 222 Noboru Miyahata Japan
Place 222 David Thornton United States
Place 215 Aaron Mathes Canada
Place 214 Vesa Paakkari Finland
Place 213 David Mock Australia
Place 212 Simon Goodman United Kingdom
Place 207 Jeremy Vest United States
Place 205 Aaron Mundy United States
Place 194 Robert Martinez United States
Place 189 Jay Mandarino Canada
Place 184 Monika Pasekel Germany
Place 181 Randall Whitaker United States

Rookie Division - 18 Skaters

Place Score Name Country Video Link
Place 259 Ichinoshin Suzuki Japan
Place 247 Misato Komatsu Japan
Place 246 Ryuto Toukairin Japan
Place 240 Koki Hosokawa Japan
Place 237 Marius Vancea Romania
Place 227/379 Melvin Muhring Germany
Place 227/376 Liam Sullivan United States
Place 215 Kai Tanabe Japan
Place 213 Jack David Louer United States
Place 206 Eduard Alexandru Petre Romania
Place 204 Aiden Hyatt United States
Place 202 Vlad Han Emanuel Romania
Place 199 William Baumiller United States
Place 197/322 Nate Stewart Australia
Place 197/320 Kaho Kobayakawa Japan
Place 194/323 John Evans Isle of Man
Place 194/319 Kaden Stewart Australia
Place 192 James Taylor United States

Womens Division - 18 Skaters

Place Score Name Country Video Link
Place 256 Risa Matsui Japan
Place 254 Yuri Nagahisa Japan
Place 248 Mona Konda Japan
Place 240 Rhiana Grigore Romania
Place 236 Riina Sekiguchi Japan
Place 233 Carmen Ionita Romania
Place 231 Sara Minami Japan
Place 228 Nozomi Shimizu Japan
Place 224 Michaela Tritthart Austria
Place 221 Hitomi Komatsu Japan
Place 214 Kokoa Minami Japan
Place 210 Elena Marin Luque Japan
Place 207 Dominique Day Pakingan Spain
Place 205 Lisa Peschi United States
Place 203 Lisa Juhasz Germany
Place 202 Monica Polistchuk Germany
Place 195 Milena Belen Bahamonde Mendoza Chile
Place 185 Birgitta Ljungberg Finland

National Team Awards

Points Are Awarded As Follows
1st place = 10 points
2nd place = 9 points
3rd place = 8 points
4th place = 7 points
5th place = 6 points
6th place = 5 points
7th place = 4 points
8th place = 3 points
9th place = 2 points
10th place = 1 point
Each Division = 55 Points
In the event of a tie .5 point will be given for the next highest place.

Team Point Totals

165 - Japan       54 - Brazil       39 - United States       34 - Romania       19 - Germany       18 - United Kingdom
9 - Mexico       8 - France       8 - India       8 - Spain       6 - Sweden       5 - Korea
4 - China       4 - Hungary       3 - Chile       2 - Austria       1 - Netherlands       1 - Scotland

Japan - 165 Points

On behalf of the Surrey Fire Fighters Charitable Society,
we congratulate the following freestyle skaters for winning the 2021 NATIONAL TEAM AWARD.
This award is given to the country whose combined efforts best represent working as a team.
Collectively they accumulated 165 points making TEAM JAPAN the winners of this year's NATIONAL TEAM AWARD.

1 Isamu Yamamoto - Japan - 10 Points
2 Yuzuki Kawasaki - Japan - 9 Points
3 Ikkei Nagao - Japan - 8 Points
5 Yuta Fujii - Japan - 6 Points
6 Jotaro Oba - Japan - 5 Points

5 Kouta Sawaki - Japan - 6 Points
7 Ruka Mitsui - Japan - 4 Points
9 Kanata Hayakawa - Japan - 2 Points
10 Takaya Sato - Japan - 1 Points

9 Kumataka Rikuo - Japan - 2 Points

2 Tetsuji Noda - Japan - 9 Points
4 Daisuke Murakawa - Japan - 7 Points

1 Masahiro Fujii - Japan - 10 Points
3 Hidemi Oishi - Japan - 8 Points

1 Ichinoshin Suzuki - Japan - 10 Points
2 Misato Komatsu - Japan - 9 Points
3 Ryuto Toukairin - Japan - 8 Points
4 Koki Hosokawa - Japan - 7 Points
8 Kai Tanabe - Japan - 3 Points

1 Risa Matsui - Japan - 10 Points
2 Yuri Nagahisa - Japan - 9 Points
3 Mona Konda - Japan - 8 Points
5 Riina Sekiguchi - Japan - 6 Points
7 Sara Minami - Japan - 4 Points
8 Nozomi Shimizu - Japan - 3 Points
10 Hitomi Komatsu - Japan - 1 Points

Brazil - 54 Points


1 Charles Ribeiro do Nascimento - Brazil - 10 Points
2 Vinicius Dantas da Costa - Brazil - 9 Points

4 Gustavo Santana "Kennedy" - Brazil - 7 Points

1 Andre Luis Feitosa do Nascimento - Brazil - 10 Points
8 Alex Pereira da Silva - Brazil - 3 Points

2 Rogerio Antigo - Brazil - 9 Points
7 Alexandre Mendes De Andrade - Brazil - 4 Points
9 Paulo Rosin Citrangulo - Brazil - 2 Points


United States - 39 Points

4 Nick Beaulieu - United States - 7 Points
9 Jesse Whalen - United States - 2 Points


1 Bryce Carey Noe - United States - 10 Points

7 Matthew Sloan Stewart - United States - 4 Points

5 Bill Robertson - United States - 6 Points
8 Bert Mathieson - United States - 3 Points

7 Liam Sullivan - United States - 4 Points
9 Jack David Louer - United States - 2 Points


Special Awards

The Spirt Of The Round-Up

Erik Fallat - Canada
44th Place - Non-Sponsored Amateur Division

Erik Fallat, who lives in Ontario, heard that several skaters
in Romania did not have the $37 needed to pay their Entry Fees.
Erik wanted to make sure that some kid in Romania had a chance to compete,
so he paid for 6 of them. Now that is what I call The SPIRT Of The Round-Up.

The Spirt Of The Round-Up Video Presentation

The Henry Candioti

Riina Sekiguchi - Japan
5th Place - Womens Division

SKATE4FUN Award Video Presentation

The Ambassadors Of Freestyle Award

Alexandre "Brownzhino" Mendes
7th Place - Master Pro Division

Ambassadors Of Freestyle Award Video Presentation

Support Staff

Great Event!

Contest Organizers

Monty Little
Kevin Harris

Biographical Web Page

Terry Chui
Contest Graphics/Video

Terry Chui is the World Round-Up Creative director - he assists with contest organization, graphics, social media content and video content. With a background in graphic design, illustration, art direction, apparel and fabrication work, Terry has a depth of experience which has helped elevate the quality and production value of our contest.

A frequent skater at Kevin Harris' "Richmond Skate Ranch", he grew up during the skateboard boom of the 80's, and has followed the skateboard industriy's visual direction for decades. He also competed in the Sun Rype Skateboard Freestyle Championships in the late 80's. He has worked for clients such as Westbeach, Quicksilver, Arson and other local action sports apparel companies. He has 19 years of experience working in digital and video game design as an Art Director and Creative Director at Electronic Arts and Nine Tail Studios.

Terry owns and operates Panda Props and Costumes, which creates iconic costumes and props for collectors, fans, and TV / film productions. He also volunteers for local charitable groups and community causes, sometimes even visiting sick kids in hospitals in costume!

Great Job Everyone!

Staff Photos - Click To Enlarge

Russ Howell
& Monty Little
Announcing at the
1976 PNE National
Skateboard Championships

Russ Howell
& Monty Little
Announcing at the
1977 PNE National
Skateboard Championships
1977 Canada Tour
Russ Howell
Monty Little
Bob Mohr
Bud Watt
Kevin Harris
World Record
1,032 360's

Terry Chui
1988 PNE Contest
2nd Place

Kevin Harris
Handing Out
Terry Chui
1988 PNE Contest
2nd Place

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